Meet the Founder


Norman Rader, President

Norm always said he had “sauce in his veins!” His pizza career began in 1980 when he was hired by Domino’s Pizza while attending college. Shortly thereafter, Norm entered their management training program and fell in love with the pizza-making business. Later that same year, he grew to become the General Manager, and, in four years time, managed stores in Texas, New York, and Maryland. He was then promoted to Regional Store Opening Specialist before landing the opportunity to purchase his own store in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For the next 22 years, Norm would own and operate his own independent chain of stores in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. He sold his last remaining stores in 2002 and relocated to South Florida to start a new venture.

In 2015, he discovered the new and popular fast food pizza business. With the development and creation of Fired Up Pizza, Norm has returned to his roots and his life’s passion—making delicious pizza that every South Floridian can enjoy!