How to Build the Perfect Pizza Pie

Quality Pizza Toppings
At Fired Up Pizza, we make it our mission to deliver the most newsworthy pizza in Palm Beach County. In order to achieve this notoriety, we take extra special care to make sure our pizzas are a cut above the rest. So, how do we begin crafting the perfect pizza pie?

Step One: Crust

The first and most important step for building the perfect pizza pie is starting with your foundation– the crust. We realized that in order for a pizza to be worth buzzing about, it had to have a crust that is substantial without being too filling, and crisp without breaking to pieces. Through trial and error, and many, many hours in the kitchen, we think we’ve nailed it– and don’t worry, we also have a tasty, gluten-free option to choose from!

Step Two: The Right Sauce

Much like a great crust, the right sauce can be a real game changer. While so many other pizza spots seem happy to serve any sauce sent from their suppliers, we take pride in our craft and know that fresh is always better. Not only does fresh sauce taste more like real, vine-ripened tomatoes, it also smells and looks better on your pizza pie.
Fired Up Pizza prides itself in making sure that our sauces compliment our pizza toppings. We strive for the perfect balance between sweet and savory toppings alike. For custom, build-your-own orders, we offer more than just traditional red sauce. Our sauces range from classic red to spicy red, alfredo, pesto, BBQ, and everything in between!

Step Three: It’s All About the Cheese

Cheese is the real star when it comes to crafting the perfect pizza pie, and for good reason: everyone loves the delicious flavor of fresh mozzarella cheese. But for some pizza lovers, mozzarella is simply not enough. The sky’s the limit at Fired Up Pizza, and we’re pleased to offer a variety of cheeses to choose from. Build the pizza of your dreams with any combination of our fresh toppings, or try one of our perfectly balanced signature pizzas that are sure to become your new favorites. With everything from savory meats, garden fresh vegetables, and cheese available, we guarantee you’ll find a combination that fits your tastes.

Build Your Own Pizza Pie at Fired Up Pizza

Get all fired up with a custom pizza pie from All Fired Up Pizza! Stop by our West Palm location or visit us at our Wellington/Loxahatchee store for a one-of-a-kind experience unparalleled by our competitors. To learn more about our menu, give us a call today and discover what makes our pizza the best in the Palm Beaches.

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